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Top Ten YA Summer Reads!

This summer is going to be full of amazing YA books. So made this list for you to help you plan some of your unrequired summer reading! These will all be debut standalone, or series, or new series. I may do a continuation of series post later but for now NEW READS! If you make a top ten summer reading post, link it below.

10: Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers
Assassin Nuns. Need I say more? Grave Mercy reads like GRRM for teens and has an amazingly intricate web of lies, love, and mystery. One of THE best fantasy books of the year. The main character is hard yet vulnerable at the same time and her sister nuns and love interest are well fleshed out. Grave Mercy is filled with court politics and religious observations. The perfect world to sink into when the heat is getting to you.


9: A Temptation of Angels by Michelle Zink
Zink breathes new life into the overly stale angel fic world with her A Temptation of Angels. The book features a love triangle that isn’t really, two amazing brothers, one dark broody bad boy, and a girl with her own thoughts and strengths. I loved the action scenes and the slow burning plot, you will too!



8: Gilt by Katherine Longshore
Tudor Court intrigue and sexy, sexy boys make this scandalizing read set in the 1600s the perfect summer read. Gilt follows Kitty a girl who grew up in wardship with Catherine Howard who was destined to be Henry VIII’s sixth wife. Kitty watches as Catherine makes one ridiculous choice after another but never fully blaming her because she is indeed a teenager. Kitty’s loyalty to Catherine could cost her everything. The boy she’s come to love, her position at court, and even possibly her life. Plus you can imagine Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Henry…

7: This is Not a Test by Courtney Summers
Zombies. Love. Sex. High School. This is Not a Test isn’t really a zombie novel. Not in the sense that it is all gore and brain eating and sinewy guts. Instead the book focuses on how teenagers would deal with the apocalypse. What kind of decisions would they make? Could they survive in the high school gymnasium? Who would get with who if the HS cast system was suddenly abolished? Degrassi + The Breakfast Club + Zombies.


6: Of Poseidon by Anna Banks
Mermaids, prophecy, land-loving hot boys with swimmer’s abs. Of Poseidon not only taught me how to spell Poseidon, but it brought back a ton of research I did as a kid into mermaid lore. I loved the characters and their motivations and if you read it while sitting upon the beach with the sun burning down on you there is a chance you will see a Syrena. Okay, I made that last part up but this is a seriously awesome read for the beach and you would be remiss to miss out.


5: Partials by Dan Wells
Partials is a kick ass futuristic dystopian/sci fi mash up that is sure to drag in even the most reluctant of readers. Boy who love or loathe books, girls who love or loathe books will be impressed with the explosions and action scenes and being entrenched in a society that lives it’s life on an island scourging for supplies. Not to mention the evil robots that humanity built that ended up destroying our society (THANKS SCIENCE!) that look just like humans could be anywhere anytime. High octane summer read!


4: The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa
Disclaimer: This book is represented by the agency I work for. BUT I think we all can agree I have been a Julie Kagawa fangirl for like ever and The Immortal Rules pushes all my vampire love buttons. (What you don’t have those?) Vampires are dark, they are scary, they are inherently evil. They do not sparkle, profess their undying love for you, or say you smell good and they just can’t quit you. In this post apocalyptic vampire tale (TALE NOT SAGA) Kagawa blends the true nature and lore of the beasts with major problems for humanity. The Immortal Rules is jam packed with action and meaty plot.
3: Rift by Andrea Cremer
Rift is a prequel series to the Nightshade novels by Andrea Cremer. They can be read alone without reading the previous series. I honestly think I enjoyed Rift more than the previous series even though I loved Calla and gang, Ember’s world felt more fantasyish instead of urban and I found myself appreciating her struggles. Lots of action and killing of evil things. Take this book camping.


2: Wicked as They Come by Delilah Dawson
Not a YA book but one that I think could cross over well for older YA readers. Wicked as They Come is again a vampire book but also again one of a very different variety. Tish finds a locket at an estate sale and is transported to the alternate universe of Sang each night when she sleeps. There she finds an infuriating, yet devastatingly handsome bludman who wants her to abandon her life in the ‘real’ world and stay with him and his traveling circus indefinitely. This is a hot steamy mystery with plenty of outlandish scenarios. Read at the pool.
1: Small Damages by Beth Kephart
Small Damages, like any Kephart book is filled with soul. The setting is this almost tangible incredibly hot Spanish summer and the protagonist is pregnant, and a teen, and thousands of miles away from home, and abandoned. The book is peppered with coming of age scenarios and choices from our heroine. The side characters are amazing and this book made me cry more than once. Small Damages is perfect for the serious reader who requires a lot of depth and beautiful prose, and for those who like to emote while reading.


So there you have my list? Are there any you would add? If you make your own post link up below.