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Launch by Jeff WalkerThe Launch by Jeff Walker, a 400 million dollar man by Forbes, is the groundbreaking book about the business and marketing and it contains some critical points of starting the own business using product launch strategies. In the case you never heard of Jeff, I will just in a short paragraph explain who he is, and why everyone who is serious about starting a business should get his book and Product Launch Formula training for 2017.

I know Jeff (not personally) for about 5 years, and I have been constantly coming across his successful launches and more importantly his students that actually went through the entire course and launched their first successful product online. Walker himself wasn’t always rich and successful. about 20 – 25 years ago when he was starting with the internet business from home, he was struggling, but he knew that he is onto something. That’s why the Product Launch Formula is so successful because it’s the step by step plan including minimum budget and investment, even one of the modules he talks about how to even start funding your business to create the first product. Since the first launch of PLF in 2003, he’s been tweaking, updating, and improving the product, being it the thirteenth year of successful Product Launch Formula CLASS.

The ticket for becoming one of Jeff’s students costs $1999, and it  is 6 months of intensive training and webinars, where everyone has access to ask Jeff any question. The formula is proven to work by thousands of people all around the world, and the number is a year by year growing, and they always sold out once the shopping cart is open. As I keep myself in contact with Jeff, I can leak out the next dates when will be the class opened. The next launch of PLF is going to be on 2nd of November 2016 and the open cart is between 14th – 18th November 2016.

There is also PLF 2016 Live Workshop in Phoenix, Arizona, 3 days of intensive training and taking of notes. This event is starting on 29th of April 2016. Some of the very lucky people who purchased Jeff Walker’s book Launch last year, including me, got the tickets to the event workshop for free! That’s how much of generous Jeff is.

The 10 Dollar Launch Book

The book Launch talks about the humble beginnings of starting an online business back in 1996, up to now, the million dollar launches happening every single day. Even if you are not planning to launch the product or business, the book is just super exciting true life story, going from broke to multi-million dollar business. How the strong will and belief can help to drive you forward, towards the happiness and financial independence, running the own home business from your bedroom.

So the question to ask yourself is, does $10 worth of happy and financially free life? The answer would be for everyone probably different, some would say yes absolutely, and some no because of the skepticism towards everything. All I can say that the book possesses the valuable and key information to create the lifestyle of our dreams, and it’s been very contributional to my business as well. It’s about being able to make quick right decisions in the right time, then you don’t need the whole lot of money to start. And that’s what Walker explains in the “Launch” as well.

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