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Unshakeable Tony RobbinsIt’s second half of the 2017 and we already have another successful Self-Help and Finance Bestseller of 2017 – the book and audiobook Unshakeable is already breaking the records in sales and will definitely be as much successful as the previous 680-page bible, Money: Master the Game – 7 Simple Steps to Achieve Financial Freedom, if not even more. The Money Master the Game sold out an amazing number of over 2 million copies, which is pretty amazing.

Unshakeable has been written by the top Business and Performance coach Tony Robbins, and the #1 financial advisor in the United States, voted consecutively 3 years by Barrons Financial Magazine Peter Mallouk. So it kind of makes sense and is very exciting that the two smartest financial business brains get together and create the perfect possible follow-up plan to overcome any economy crisis or crash of financial markets etc. You have to become UNSHAKEABLE!

In the book or audiobook, Tony and Peter break down the strategy and steps, as well as the second most important part that so many people underestimate, the psychology mindset of an Entrepreneur, Businessman, Investor, or whatever you want to be in order to achieve the financial independence and freedom with peace in mind. As they say, having a lot of money but living the unhappy life is the ultimate failure, not the success. The money itself is not the success, the real success comes from enjoyment, fulfillment. When you are happy, then you are really wealthy in life.

And again Tony Robbins is giving all the money 100% profit from the book to his Feeding America foundation, to feed 50 000 000 people this year, which is very impressive! So not just that you get the best information on how to become financially independent via different financial markets, but by purchasing the book you are also supporting one of the biggest philanthropic projects on the planet.

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Watch the 3 hours version of Unshakeable audiobook below, where Tony and Peter break down the content of the book, what to expect to find and learn. Enjoy!

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Unshakeable: your financial freedom playbook by Tony Robbins