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We are testing and reviewing the most lucrative products and resources available on the market to start a successful business while also getting the most out of personal development and spiritual growth. We believe that the personal development and business go hand-in-hand together and one has to learn and exercise both, Business and Personal Development.

The whole idea here is to really provide anyone with the genuine info, as well as products and resources to become successful and wealthy in life and achieve personal and financial freedom while also growing and evolving spiritually.

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Anyone who is passionate about reading or just simply looking for the honest and short review of a particular book, Bookalicious.org is here to serve. We established our review site at the beginning of April 2016, and the website was bought through the auction and previously used as the review site too. We wanted to keep it that way, so we are trying to connect all the passionate readers and give them the chance to let the word out to the wide public of critics and readers.

Bookalicious.org is the reviewer website with information about bestselling [https://bookalicious.org books], audiobooks, courses, events, authors etc. The website is mainly focused on creating a unique content and different angles of view on the subject of business, personal development, well-being, economics and investment.

We personally pick and promote only the top authors that we think, re the great contribution to our modern world and society. At Bookalicious.org anyone will find the information, tools, and resources to become an independent thinker and person and find own values that will help individuals to achieve success in any area of life and to make this world a better place.

Find the Authors that share the views and principles of success in areas of business and life. Every area of life, whether it’s business, career, or relationships, is closely tied together and unless we attempt to understand the close cause effect relationship between them, there always will be some obstacles and struggles along the way.

Just to mention some of the world’s famous authors of the popular books and courses such as best performance coach Tony Robbins, the investment mag Ray Dalio, or top personal development coach and author Brendon Burchard.

The satisfaction in this world comes from personal freedom, balance, and harmony in all areas of life.

So come with us on the path of learning, the true journey of life.

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