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Whether or not you are following what’s currently happening in the Amazon eCom business space, you probably know that it’s a kind of “hot” way of starting a profitable online business for many good reasons. But without a proper guide, one could easily get lost in the Amazon jungle and get ripped off in pieces financially sort of speaking, and the best Amazon business training with everything else you need to succeed is precisely ASM 11.

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(*) TYPICALITY DISCLAIMER: These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had a median annual revenue of $60,750.00.


Is Amazing Selling Machine Good?

Having a successful tradition for many years now, ASM 11th edition is brand new from scratch, totally redesigned and re-recorded training to fulfill all the points and needs of constantly changing the landscape of Amazon business. It’s not because ASM 10 and previous versions weren’t good, it’s just to show and prove that Amazing Selling Machine is the best, at the top of the top Amazon training courses on the planet.

It’s not just an exaggerating statement claiming the ASM is the very best Amazon eCommerce course, but rather the claim based on many facts, and one of them already mentioned is that the overall course is being regularly updated with the best top-selling tools and strategies from the world’s best Amazon sellers. And it’s true that most of the top sellers on Amazon are ASM students. This also been a reason for the high attention to the public and some of the biggest icons of the business world like Sir Richard Branson and Rob Kiyosaki, or founder of Whole Foods John Mackay, just to mention a couple.


Why Start Amazon Business?

Ok now you are thinking that all nice to hear, but why the heck start a business on Amazon and not somewhere else?

This is a very valid and good question that I’ve been asking myself many times over an over until I did my research and found some incredible facts and reasons why is the best platform to start an e-commerce business.

  1. It’s been growing like crazy over the last several years and it doesn’t seem to have any tendencies to stop anytime soon.
  2. Over the last year, Amazon grew by over 50 Billion and the Amazon Prime day broke the record of 6 Billion worth of product sales in one day, which is more than Cyber Monday and Black Friday, combined and it’s also a world record.
  3. Over 60% of all of those sales been made by normal people starting their business and changing their future forever!

These are just a few “Tip of an Iceberg” out of many reasons why Amazon business still remains as the hottest #1 opportunity to start a business almost guaranteed to be successful, especially when learning from the top Amazon sellers inside ASM.


What Is New and Better in ASM 11

The short answer would be Everything, but we will leave this as a surprise. One of the very exciting things though that we will tell is that ASM has partnered with the most successful Amazon entrepreneur strategist and product sourcing expert Dan Ashburn.

See, one of the keys to becoming successful with eCommerce or any kind of business is to find the right product to sell, and Dan has worked with the ASM team to develop one of the most useful components to ASM 11, Done-for-You Product Sourcing Service, getting the best products available for the Best price possible!

Now with enough been said, click the link to follow the Free ASM 11 training series to truly learn about the Amazon Business Power House that you have access to.


Amazing Selling Machine 11

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ASM 11 course

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