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How to Start Your Own Business by Creating and Selling Digital Products


Start a business online by selling digital products


The market for digital products like eBooks, PDF Instruction Manuals, and Online Video Courses is rapidly growing fast according to the biggest data research institutes on the internet.

There have been studies on how online businesses and digital markets are performing vs how the traditional businesses and markets are performing, and the results are not surprising at all.

To start an online business by selling online courses, eBooks, or e-commerce physical products is at least 10x easier and less expensive than starting a new traditional brick-and-mortar business like a shop, restaurant, or fitness studio.

The initial costs to start an online business is in a range of a few hundreds or thousands of dollars compared to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars when starting a classic franchise business.


Start an Online Business and Get Better Returns on ROI!

How to create a digital product and build successful online business

That online businesses have generally better financial returns on investment is also one of the very favorable facts for the business owner or starting entrepreneur.

In any case, either when you are just starting out of scratch or already having some kind of business, starting getting involved in the digital online world is a great sensible idea with only benefits to the future.

Plus, there is really no reason to NOT to start.

Just because the majority of people still do not do or trust online marketing doesn’t mean that you should blindly too.

The people who really wanted to break the ice, make a change, and start their own online business with full-time income and never gave up like me, are now enjoying the reward for all the hard work.

And now you have the exact step-by-step process laid down on the silver platter in front of you.


Learn more about Digital U course by Eben Pagan, one of the most successful self-made online entrepreneurs with over 15 years of experience in digital marketing.

**Now, as always we must put here a little disclaimer and the relations between the Digital U course by Eben Pagan and We do not promise or in any way guarantee any future income as this is entirely up to every individual and their actions how successful and profitable their business will be. We believe in the high quality of Digital U online course and that it provides the high value to students if they follow the training and do the right action that is all covered in Eben’s Digital U course. As for Us, we are getting compensated for promoting Digital U course or any product by Eben Pagan, but in NO means affect or alter our opinion about the quality and value of the Digital U course.**



Can You Really Take in Control of Your Own Life?

How to create an online eBook

I believe you can, anyone can.

If you didn’t spend most of your life under the rock doing nothing, I am more than sure that you have some knowledge about something that you love and are passionate about.

Everybody has something, some kind of a hobby.

The only problem is that not many people actually enjoy it to its fullness, the completeness.

I am talking about making the lifestyle out of what you are passionate about and you enjoy and love doing, basically creating the business around what you love.

I know for many it sounds too cliche or impossible, or even unethical to do because they think that they would lose the passion for it if they’d make a business out of it.

The problem is that a lot of people still see the business something that you don’t enjoy, something you gotta do and not enjoy!

Some even see it as evil and bad thing, like anyone being in business is a bad man doing bad things to other people or the planet.

And now with the internet digital age, starting own business out of the hobby is more possible than ever if you have the exact blueprint how to do it. The proven strategy that already been tested and tweaked for the maximum success and performance…

Something like DIGITAL U Course about how to create and build your own digital product such as eBook, pdf manual, or online course, teaching people what you love and have a plenty of knowledge about.


Click the Buy Now Button and Learn More about the Eben Pagan’s Digital U Online Course and All the Valuable Bonuses


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Digital U money-back guarantee


About Eben Pagan and My Own Story How I Started Online Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing

start own business online

The story is that I started my own business online many years ago from the exact same reason that Eben did, pure desperateness.

Since then I went through many courses teaching online marketing, digital advertising, and SEO, personal development etc.

And I know how much rewarding it is now, many years later.

I always remind myself what would have happened if that day I didn’t decide to go this route.

Everything would have been different.

Now, I grew my business making a full-time income from doing digital marketing and SEO selling whatever you can sell online and helping other people to do the same.

So, just take this opportunity from Eben and get on board of Digital U course to learn exactly how to create your own digital product in form of course or eBook, and how to sell it online.

My Exclusive Bonus!

Do you want to learn how exactly do I sell things online using the best search engine optimization techniques? Then learn about my exclusive bonus for those who get the Digital U course 🙂

As I mentioned I am an experienced full-time digital marketer using the most effective SEO techniques and strategies to sell digital or physical products online.

Now that I have proven ways and know how to sell stuff online, I can teach my secret marketing strategies to others and help people like you to succeed in digital marketing.

Presenting my special bonus, my new Ultra Fast Business Optimization course, for those who are really keen to learn the SEO, how to effectively optimize websites and other web properties like videos for best results.


What is Included in Digital U Online Course with All the Exclusive Bonuses

First of all there is unheard of 90 days money back guarantee instead of classic 30 days, which makes it probably the most valuable bonus for people who’d think they need a more time to test and try things out.

The course has built in 6 main modules.

Module 1: Orientation Fast Start

Digital U module 1

Module 2: Targeting Your Niche

Module 3: Creating Your Online Course

Module 4: Building Your Marketing

Module 5: Launching Your Online Course

Module 6: Email Mastery


The Exclusive Eben Pagan’s Bonuses

Here are some super exciting and highly valuable bonuses from Eben Pagan for those who will act fast during this 2018 launch. The first 3 bonuses are Eben’s online courses and are available for anyone who gets Digital U course via any of two check out options – Pay in Full or Split Pay.

Bonus 1: Wake Up Productive

Bonus 1 Wake Up Productive

Bonus 2: Marketing Step-By-Step

Bonus 2 Marketing Step by Step

Bonus 3: Tech Tool Trainings

Bonus 3 Tech Training Tools


The Bonuses 4 and 5 below are only available to those who bought the Digital U course using one in full payment option.

Bonus 4: Advanced Digital Product Creation

Bonus 4 Product Plan

Bonus 5: Traffic Intensive Training

Bonus 5 Traffic Intensive


Bonus 6: New Ultra Fast Business Optimization Course

Ultra Fast Business Optimization home study course

These two are a perfect fit for each other. With UFBO Bonus course you will gain the secret knowledge about SEO (search engine optimization), how to build the authority of your business online and how to optimize your website for tons of organic highly targeted traffic.

First, learn how to create your digital product from what you know and from what you are passionate about and build the successful business, and then learn how to effectively and fast optimize the business and achieve high rankings in search engines like Google, YouTube, Amazon, or any other major search engine.

My Ultra Fast Business Optimization course is a brand new and will available to the public for at least $997, so do not miss the opportunity to snatch it now for FREE when buying Eben’s Digital U course with all his extra bonuses as well.

Basically, I am here as an extra assurance of the success of your business because I know that my digital marketing SEO strategies just work so well.

Plus, you get an access to me and the marketing strategies updates, what’s working and what’s not.


Learn more about Digital U and Eben’s Bonuses Here


Fast Business Optimization SEO strategy for marketers

Make sure you watch this video today because this new class is only open for registration until Thursday.

This video is a great example of how to give away a lot of valuable information.

Watch it today, and register for this course. It’s the best training you can get for creating and marketing your online course!


Click Here to Watch the Video Training and Learn More about Digital U course


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Digital U money-back guarantee


P.S. Don’t forget once you purchased the Digital U course using our link in this email, then please contact us at with your name and details, and I will reply with the link to access the Ultra Fast Business Optimization course.

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