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Flower of Sunlight Quantum Infused Organic Oil

flower of sunlight

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Flower of Sunlight LLC has actually developed the next incredible generation of Quantum Technology Products, using our sun’s waveform, which includes everything our sun is. We have actually discovered a vast array of extensive and advantageous results for a lot of body types.

The Flower of Sunlight product merely works to balance the body’s cellular interaction, bring back vital force and improving performance while assisting to maintain appropriate energetic balance. The embedded frequency of our items is beneficial to the energetic processes of the body. It opens and boosts the body’s complete capacity and encourages total health. Our system is the very first of its kind.

The unique product line helps in the reversing of damage, triggered by the continuous barrage and exposure to damaging human-made frequencies such as radiation from cell phones, TVs, and x-rays, to name a few. Envision a total body care and wellness system based on science, which works effectively with natural resonant frequencies of vibration in methods never ever before thought possible.

We understand that there is a vast spectrum of extraordinary human usages for these quantum infused items such as greater strength and extended endurance for physical fitness and sports-minded individuals. And a unique usage close to our hearts is meditation and emerging into higher consciousness – the job of the minute. Numerous people have actually informed us that while utilizing these items throughout meditation, they found a “clarity and focus” they have seldom achieved before. It is this quality we offer you now.

At Flower of Sunlight, the quality of our materials is a big concern. When creating an item that operates on a resonating frequency, it is crucial that we start with the best possible essential oils and vibrations. Therefore, we take fantastic care in ensuring that our products originate from verified, clear, and high-vibration sources. Our energy oils utilize only the purest natural vital oils, 100 % natural and “fair trade” components.

Ingredients: Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil, Organic Rose Essential Oil, Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, Organic Myrrh Essential Oil
Flower of Sunlight Proprietary Quantum Infusion.

Our pendants are made from the highest quality Hematine and are the ideal carriers for our unique Quantum infusion. The Quantum Infused Sunlight Energy Oils are packaged in Swiss MIRON Violet Glass with a convenient roller tip. This high-quality product packaging, both technologically sophisticated and distinctive, is the finest container available.

The Flower of Sunlight is using a specific spectrum of Solar frequencies discovered to have a large range of extensive and useful effects for all body types. Our advanced energy oils quickly permeate the skin, ending up being quickly absorbed into the bloodstream with extensive outcomes. Our infused pendants offer a permanent, wearable source of this development innovation.

Hematine Pendant Necklace

Hematine pendant necklace

All the pendants that we sell have a base core of Hematine, which is a molecule comprises four subunits, each containing an iron atom bound to a heme group.  It is the hematin that holds the waveform of the Sun, and we have found very few compounds or molecules that are able to do this.

How the Hematin necklace works is as follows.

When wearing the Hematin necklace, the stone has to be touching the skin directly to achieve the best performance. When the Hematin crystal is touching the body, the waveform connection of the sun and the natural Biomagnetic field of the body (18m [60ft] in diameter) is connected together. Once the stone stops touching the body, it takes about 5 – 8 seconds and the connection between Biomagnetic field and Sun is broken.

It’s recommended to not break the connection too often when wearing the Hematin crystal.

What is Hematine

Hematine (also magnetic hematitehemalyke or hemalyke) is an artificial magnetic material. Hematine is widely used in jewelry.

Although it is claimed by many that it is made from ground hematite or iron oxide mixed with a resin, analysis has demonstrated it to be an entirely artificial compound, a barium-strontium ferrite.


Hematite, also spelled as haematite, is the mineral form of iron(III) oxide (Fe2O3), one of several iron oxides. Hematite crystallizes in the rhombohedral lattice system, and it has the same crystal structure as ilmenite and corundum. Hematite and ilmenite form a complete solid solution at temperatures above 950 °C (1,740 °F). Learn more…

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Drunvalo Melchizedek is a spiritual leader, scientist, visionary, and author of a number of books focused on Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, Merkaba meditations, spirit, and flower of life, of which his latest book will be published by the beginning of 2018. Read more about Drunvalo Melchizedek and Flower of Life.