How to Get Consulting Clients Fast by Frank Kern

Even If Nobody’s Ever Heard of You

Running a consulting business requires good communication skills, but also a deep understanding of human psychology and behavior, and in this Frank Kern’s short book/report called How to Get Consulting Clients Fast, he is addressing and perfectly describing the entire marketing misconceptions and myths that many people hold on to because someone said so, or a lot of times they even don’t know why they think that. It’s simply their habit and it’s also a dangerous habit to possess in your life.

Our everyday lives are made of sequences of our habits. Whatever we do the regular, sometimes even subconsciously, is our habit. So that way we can create habits that are more useful to us and dump the old useless ones. One of the deeply carried myth is that every marketer is a salesman, and every salesman is just trying to rip you off. Another one is that in order to become a marketer or consultant, we have to get suit and tie, nice car and have the office in the middle of Manhattan, in the top floor glass building. And most of all, rip somebody OFF! Because that’s how these people make money right?

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No, all of this isn’t true really. Of course, there always gonna be a few individuals who will try to rip off someone without a value, but they won’t stick along. Frank is describing how you can be an effective consultant in any area of business or life, and be genuinely providing value to your clients and customers. The “Good Will Method”.

If you focus on providing genuine value to your customers, you are the winner because guess what, they’ll stick around and keep on buying from you if you keep giving them what they want, the value, help. After all, they are humans just like you, so they should be treated by you, just like you would like others to treat you. Always put yourself in the shoes of the other person that you are trying to help, sell something that they maybe want.

Getting clients for consulting is a great way to start and run the business almost with no costs and expenses. And interestingly enough, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the consulting business is going to grow by 83% by 2018, which is great news, because now we know that it is on demand, and we also know that not many people are doing that today. Definitely, the way that Frank Kern teaches in his courses and book, How to Get Consulting Clients Fast: Even if nobody’s ever heard of you.

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