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Mary Morrissey Review

Mary Morrissey is a famous inspirational and motivational speaker, author of many bestselling books, and founder of Life Mastery Institute company and few more multimillion-dollar businesses. Mary is as much passionate, generous, and caring person as she is a successful businesswoman, and in her early 70’s she is full of positive energy doing what she loves the most, which is helping others.

Mary dedicated most of her life to teaching others how to find this powerful human being within themselves and start living a life full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. If you ask what makes her qualified enough to know how to live a healthy and happy life, it starts with her own personal story.


Mary Morrissey Life Story

Marry Morrissey reviewMary’s new amazing journey first time begins in the late ’60s when she was a young girl in her 20’s with a year old child when she gets diagnosed with severe kidney disease and disfunction. Her one kidney totally stopped working causing the toxins spread into the blood, and her second kidney functioning on just 50%. She was scheduled onto immediate surgery but before they could commence with cutting out the rotten organ, they had to clear the blood out of toxins, safe enough to perceive with the surgery. The situation has been bad enough that after all analyses and diagnoses the doctors said to Mary that even if the surgery will be successful, she will have only about 6 months to live.

Can’t imagine what the shocker it must have been for her. That night before the surgery something truly magical happened. The woman came into her hospital room and started telling her about this self-healing technique through positive thinking and focus, and that what we see around us and call the reality is just a second half of it all. The first half is a thought. And the woman told Mary that if she can truly believe and focus the thoughts and energy strongly enough, she will be able to heal herself in almost no time and walk out of that hospital in few days. And it’s exactly what she did!

The doctors could not get their heads around it and called it a medical anomaly, and told Mary that whatever she is doing works really well so keep on doing it. Mary was so happy, thankful, and amazed by the healing miracle that just happened, so she decided to give back and start teaching others how to heal their life not just from physical illnesses and diseases, but also their broken relationships, financial problems, personal problems, etc., and she is doing it for over 40 years until now.

Over her life journey, she has been honored to meet and spend time with popular icons like Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela.

Mary is a bestselling author of many books such as:

  • Building Your Field of Dreams
  • No Less than Greatness
  • New Thought
  • The Miracle Minute
  • The Power of Intuition

She’s bee also a creator of a few very successful training programs such as Dream Builder – consisting of online video training and live event, in both Mary teaching how to literally build the life of your dreams.

dream builder

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