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Print Profits Review – NEW 2019 eCom Business Hacks

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Print Profits Bootcamp Review

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Welcome to read our Review of the brand-new online eCom business training program called Print Profits, created by self-made online Entrepreneur Fred Lam and Successful businessman and multiple 6-figure business earner Michael Shih, who’s managed to take his online eCommerce store to 6-figures a month just in 60 days!

Print Profits is meant to deliver 100% new unique way and solution to do business online using eCommerce Shopify stores.

On top of the course and its regular fee, Fred and Michael offer the FREE 10-Part online business training that is going to blow everyone away by the incredible value and info that personally they give away. They also will be hosting 2 live Workshop Webinars filled with even more valuable content, and on the top of all of that, they will also be holding the 8-Hour Virtual Q&A session to answer all the question that everyone will have on mind. So don’t miss out!


Print Profits Course bonus

Foreword Review and Clarity Disclaimer

The Print Profits free training is not just about a pitch, just trying to force and make people buy their Print Profits course, but it’s rather more like pre-training, the “1st Phase” if you will, to what is actually going to be inside the Print Profits training program itself. It’s the best way to show to those who are interested, that this is truly one of the best eCommerce online training programs available on the internet for a very low competing price, compared to the other similar online eCom courses. (Learn more about the Print Profits price below.)

But I believe that comparing the other e-commerce courses and their prices, is not really as professional as we would like this review to be, so we are not going to do that. Besides, there are probably dozens of product reviews websites that have done that already.

Of course, every business-oriented online course will have its pros and cons, and every course will vary and excel in the different areas with various strategies. Therefore, those are real human beings and not machines creating and putting together these amazing online programs, so it must be individual, right?

We also would like to remind that if any of the online business courses have been created by someone who actually does what he or she teaches, and is featured in several popular business magazines from around the world then it’s a very good indicator that their training provides a super high value and is worth it.

The problems and scam claims always arise from people’s misunderstandings such as the wrong expectations, the lack of commitment and patience, not doing exactly what the course teaches, or giving up too early. All of these and many more are the most of the time the Real Problem causes, and not the wrong and false information provided by its creators.

So, just please, don’t be one of those people who point the finger and claims that Print Profits is a scam without being backed up with a full proof of being so, which is somehow for many always hard to actually prove such a statement.

Also, even though we are affiliated with Print Profits and being rewarded commission for each Print Profits training course purchase, we always want to provide the unbiased review and value to our visitors and readers, and if anyone thinks the opposite we would politely ask that person to leave because there is nothing else we can offer.

The Entrepreneurship in the online business world is hard work and there is a lot to learn in order to make things work and catch the momentum that will kick-start your online business.

Thanks for everyone’s understanding.



Overview of the Print Profits Course Members Area

Ok, there is a lot of to cover, but in case you prefer the video overview, watch the video above. This is basically the same but written, for those who prefer reading still… ;-p

8 Main Modules + Extra 4 Bonuses and Weekly Training!


Module 1 – Build

This 1st module is about getting started with the right decision and mindset for your new business, as well as taking the first necessary steps to start your own eCommerce Business Empire.

1st Module of Print Profits home business course consists of 16  training videos

  1. Build to Conquer
  2. The Basics
  3. Niche Research
  4. Brand Research
  5. Securing a Domain
  6. Creating a Logo
  7. Acquiring Support Email
  8. Setting up Shop
  9. Getting a Toll Free Number
  10. Configuring Your Store
  11. Recommended Apps
  12. Mail Chimp
  13. Abandonment Protector
  14. Urgency Text
  15. Pixel Bay
  16. Trackr

Module 2 – Design

Design your perfect store!

This 2nd Module is called Design, and from its name, you probably guess what it will be all about. Here Michael talks about the concept behind the most effective eCommerce store design, where he leaves the fancy stuff out, cuts off the fat to get to the raw simple concept of the perfect eCom store design template and every aspect around it.

How to outsource the design to a designer and how to communicate with a designer as well as how to create your own designs yourself. They didn’t even forget about very important thing such as necessary legal documents as copyrights protection etc.

This 2nd Module of Print Profits home business course consists of 7 training videos.

  1. Design Theory
  2. Design Research
  3. Research Shortcut
  4. Hiring a Designer
  5. Working with Designer
  6. Creating Your Own Designs
  7. Copyrights/Infringe Protection

Module 3 – Preparation

Here in the 3rd module, you will learn everything from A – Z about how to choose and find the right product and suppliers for your eCommerce online business, also what products and suppliers avoid of.

Then Micheal will show you how to properly setup a Facebook Fan Page for your business, along with some Facebook search and Google search hacks, so let’s dive in!

This 3rd Modul of Print Profits home business course consists of 10 training videos.

  1. Overview
  2. Suppliers and Products
  3. Supplier App Install
  4. Price Psychology
  5. Facebook for Business
  6. Creating Your Fanpage
  7. Audience Research
  8. Facebook Graph Serch Method
  9. Google Search Method
  10. Your Royal Fans

Module 4 – Attract

Attract your ideal customer!

Ok, this is where it starts to be very interesting because we will get into the actual life-blood of every business on this planet which is ADVERTISING!

Learn about the but apprehensive ways how to work around your Facebook Pixel, and the fastest and easiest way how to get your Pixel quickly seasoned. Save yourself a time with the fast guide on how to work with Facebook Business and Ad Manager, different Ad types, and creatives.

Michael leaks the secrets about how he targets his audience based on the interests, and which interest group is his favorite secret weapon!

And finally, The very first Phase of launching a business and gaining the momentum fast called “SpearHead Method”.

This 4th Module of Print Profits home business course consists of 9 training videos.

  1. Overview
  2. Facebook Advertising
  3. Pixel Mastery
  4. Ad Types
  5. Ad Creative
  6. Ad Manager
  7. Interest Marriage
  8. Facebook Blueprint
  9. Phase 1 – SpearHead Method

Module 5 – Optimization

It’s all about the performance!

In this module # 5, you will learn how to correctly measure the ad performance when to kill the ad and move on as well as when to scale your ad to start profiting.

Michael shows his own different methods of scaling and manual bidding to get the best ad performance for the best price.

This 5th Module of Print Profits home business course consists of 9 training videos.

  1. Ad Performance
  2. Kill or Scale
  3. Scaling Your Ads
  4. BreakOut Method
  5. Kartel Method
  6. Ripple Method
  7. Vertical Scaling
  8. Horizontal Scaling
  9. Manual Bidding

Module 6 – Delivery

Now, once your ads are all set up and you get some potential winning ads, it’s time to focus on managing your fan page with automated comment moderation. Because once you start getting a good flow of traffic from your ads to your store, your Facebook fan page starts also getting traffic and comments, which you can leverage to your benefit to retain returning customers and gain the extra free traffic when people share your stuff.

Get the essentials of running your e-commerce business effectively with a good customer service.

This 6th Module of Print Profits home business course consists of 5 training videos.

  1. Overview
  2. Managing Your Fan Page
  3. Automated Comment Moderation
  4. Running Your Business
  5. Customer Service

Module 7 – Funnel Scaling

More and More of Scaling!

If you read all the way up to here, you probably noticed that this online business is a lot about testing, selecting, and scaling. So here we are going to continue with creating a genius funnel set up for your retained customers, which becomes a huge deal of your absolutely free traffic in the future.

This 7th Module of Print Profits home business course consists of 5 training videos.

  1. Funnel Overview
  2. ClickFunnels Setup
  3. Cart Hook Setup
  4. Funnel Setup
  5. Shopify Buy Button

Module 8 – Expansion

Expanding your business is similar to scaling but in the much bigger picture. Receive the best training on e-commerce email marketing along with all the tips and tricks to have low bounce rates and high open rates.

Learn how to set up a retargeting campaign, Google brand search campaign.

A little but vital info on how to sell your business on the popular marketplaces dedicated just to selling and buying online businesses.

And finally, the very important General Data Protection Regulation law that took a place in May of 2018 in Europe, which is about the new private data security update and how to be compliant if you have customers from EEA.

This 8th Module of Print Profits home business course consists of 5 training videos.

  1. Email Marketing
  2. Retargeting with Ads
  3. Google Brand Search Campaign
  4. Selling Your Business
  5. General Data Protection Regulation

There are extra 4 Bonus training Modules with more videos and valuable info on how to start a home e-commerce business, but I will keep it for everyone as a surprise, even though I showed a little bit in the above Print Profits video overview.

Why Start eCommerce Business

Many of you ask this question, and the answer is basic and simple.

Because it’s the business model to which all the long-time established business and companies move to and where they put most of their attention and resources, Amazon Company being the best example, growing by steady 25% every year after year.

This fact is good enough to realize and understand what’s the next best move to do profitable business. Hence, look at some of the small eCom business individuals found all over the internet, making bigger profits than big and old established companies that are in the business for decades and operating with huge advertising budget so they can afford to lose a couple of thousands of dollars here and there.

The small guy like you has now the ability to really start and build something truly impactful and meaningful in life, and not being swept under the carpet by the big players just because they can afford to spend more and do mistakes.

But what if you could minimize the chances of doing mistakes and wasting money and time, and instead maximize the profit by connecting the right product to the right audience?


What is Print Profits and What You’ll Learn Inside the Course

Print Profits Review Fred Lam and Michael Shih

Fred Lam and Michael Shih had done all the hard and slow guesswork for you, so now it’s just about to be patient and persistent to start off your first profitable eCom store using Shopify website. There are just a few important criteria that need to be fulfilled when building a Shopify store and creating a catchy Ad with the right targetted audience, and there is no reason whatsoever to not be making profits by the end of the week.

Of course, there is not only traffic from paid advertising, but it’s the fastest way to get an instant flood of traffic. But when it comes down to long-term online marketing strategy, with Print Profits you get the best and most up to date Search Engine Optimization strategies, specifically build and tailored for online eCommerce websites, which once done the right way, SEO becomes the free super targeted source of online traffic consisted of people looking for to buy your product.

SEO is becoming very lucrative for eCommerce these days, that’s why it’s being harder and harder to rank for the most profitable terms, but with quickly expanding eCommerce online industry there are constantly new ways to profit from optimizing your website to appear on Google’s, YouTube’s, Amazon’s, and Bing’s first page for hot eCommerce keywords, phrases, and terms.

Inside the Print Profits course, you will learn these search engine optimization strategies to maximize the profit from your Shopify store as well as how to start the first advertising campaign to test your products and conversions so all your SEO work actually pays off.

So hopefully by now, you understand that the Print Profits training has been created by the real experts in the industry and that it’s all about the valuable content even if at the end of the free training you decide that this is not for you. Fred and Michael also offer the unusual 60 days money back guarantee, so there is truly no catch at all.



Print Profits Price and Costs

Many people who are interested in starting their own online business and want to get the best training possible, always ask about the price and initial costs to start a business, and for that reason we don’t want to hold anything back, revealing the Print Profits price on the last moment as a lot of average online business courses and their vendors would do.

Nor will we imply the psychological strategies and tricks to make anyone think that others would pay 10 times more or something, and that this is the only chance to get it for 90% discount.

We respect ourselves and our readers way too much to start playing some pathetic tricks in order to make a buck. No, It’s NOT our style!

The price of the Print Profits course is JUST $997, and it is already the lowest price that anyone will pay, in fact, it cannot get any lower than that for the amount of value that Fred Lam and Michael Shih provide in training. And yes, this course could easily be sold for $2,000 or even $4K, but that’s not a point.

The main point is to give a chance the little guy or gal to make a difference in their life without breaking into the bank or sell their car. We believe that one thousand dollars is the figure that anyone can put together to start the new journey to better and more enjoyable lifestyle.

Also when you compare it to the regular average tuition fees at every government official college or university that costs tens of thousands of dollars and you still won’t learn the critical essentials of starting and building a profitable online business, Print Profits is like buying a Ferrari for the price of regular Wolksvagen.


Anyway, enough been said. Don’t believe a word we say…The best way to know if Print Profits is a good choice is to attend the FREE training and live webinars with Q&As and make up your own mind if eCommerce business is the good and right choice for you. Therefore, nobody knows better than yourself, right?!

Print Profits Bonuses

Now, let’s talk about the bonuses that you get when signing up for Print Profits course on our website. I think it’s important to tell that we are not throwing in dozens of different bonuses in order to impress and make people buy from us. Over the many years, we found out that more different bonuses such as additional training or software will just distract the person from the right quick path to success.

Unfortunately, the Quantity is always the major decision breaker whether from whom to buy or not.

Think about it, wouldn’t the creator of Print Profits course give you anything the one needs to succeed?

Anyway, we decided to throw in one bonus and that’ll be our wide skilled knowledge of SEO. We give away 3 months of free SEO services for fully set up websites with a bunch of products and advertising campaign running. Just follow the Print Profits training and once your shop is ready, we’ll step in and do some SEO magic to rank your website in Google and other search engines.

On top of this you are still getting the official 4 bonuses and weekly training by Michael Shih himself.


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