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How to Create a Conversation that Sells Anything

Product Launch Formula

Product Launch Formula and Sideways Sales-letter

The most valuable commodity on the internet isn’t traffic, the exposure, or the biggest email list, as most of the people would think. I tell you what it is, but before I do, I want you to go to check Jeff’s training for beginning home business owners called Product Launch Formula.

It’s the Trust!

You don’t need to have a huge email list of 5 half a million subscribers to make a big profit online. The only thing that you need is the trust of your subscribers, customers. To create that kind of trust, there is a certain formula that you have to follow, but it’s not any rocket science.

To gain the authority and trust, there is one very important thing that you have to do, and that thing is to Provide Value. See, in these days normal average people who want to make money online, don’t like average marketers. They are looking for skilled, experienced entrepreneurs, who make a lot of money already.

And this is coming to Catch 22 when you cannot gain trust and authority because you don’t make a lot of money yet, but how can you get people’s trust if you can’t make any sales?! It’s kind of mind-boggling. But there is the way to overcome this obstacle and it’s called conversation.

Conversation is a big and important part of launch and selling. This is what we call Sideways Sales-letter, and it’s very different from conventional sales-letter used by most of the marketers. By the way, this is also the reason why most of the marketers make less money because their launch is broken, mostly because they use this old conventional sales-letter.

Imagine, it’s like these door to door salespersons, who have to sell a certain number of the product they are selling, to make their living because they make % of commissions from each sale. And you know that they would tell you almost anything just to get the money out of your pocket. It creates 100% skepticism on your side, so you usually even don’t want to hear what they got to say and politely show them where the door is.

In Product Launch Formula, you will learn how to easily overcome this problem and how to create big launches with a small list, that will be profitable every time you re-launch or launch a new product.

By creating the conversation in your launch, you are building a relationship and trust at the same time, by providing free but high value, and simultaneously securing lifetime customers and profit into the future.

And there is much more about how to sell stuff every time, to anybody you want, and make those people like you and seeing you as an authority. They will just keep coming back, looking for some more cool stuff or another problem solver.

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