Personal Development: February 2020 Best Trending Online Courses

Each month, every year, there are some trending online courses that we pick and choose as the recommendation to those who seek the solution for their problem. And it’s not any secret that some of those training programs whether done online or offline, are very good and highly effective, while some not so much or even sometimes earn the label of “Fake” or “Scam”.

A while ago we decided to review just those that we see that have potential and high value to people. Hence reviewing the bad courses and products is focusing just on negative, creating more negativeness in the overall virtual space. We felt this like that this is not the solution, such as a profound expression –

“Where Focus goes, Energy flows.”


The Wealthy Marketer by T Harv Eker

T Harv Eker, the bestselling author of Millionaire Mind book, entrepreneur, businessman, and creator of many educational courses is launching again his highly on-demand online course called The Wealthy Marketer.

In this online training program, Harv goes over how he’s been able to build a successful business and accumulate 500 Million Dollars out of nothing within a couple of years. He is describing how at the times he even didn’t have a dollar to fill in the gas to his car before he figured what was wrong and what he should focus on and do better.

I mean, look…there are thousands of things to focus on every day and under the pressure of circumstances we tend to not always choose the right decision to make. But once you train yourself and your brain to be more confident and positive in whatever situation, whatever you do, then I promise that if the same analogy is implemented on the business that the success is inevitable.

Harv discovered this inner game mindset strategy and capitalized on that more than anyone working at the average job could in more than one lifetime.

Click Here to learn more about the Wealthy Marketer

The Wealthy Marketer 500 million dollar business secret


EFT Tapping Summit

Another jewel gem in personal development and alternative personal health scene is Nick Ortner’s Tapping Summit applying some of the most effective self-help solutions to improve or fix ongoing issues in life no matter what kind of a big problem it is.

The foundational principle of tapping or also called EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is based on scientifically proven human biology and epigenetics, that we as high-frequency powerful beings have the ability and power to change and improve our lives for better.

On our biological bodies, there are located points that are sensitive to energy changes, and when being tapped with strong emotional response/wish/mantra they start bringing in the signals to the Amygdala in the brain, which is the part responsible for the Fight-and-Flight human response also called the oldest brain and starts applying the immediate necessary changes that sometimes might take days, weeks, or months and years!

The best thing about EFT Tapping is that it can be applied right now and you can feel the effect almost immediately after first tapping session, meditation, ritual, or whatever you want to call it, it’s the same.

Click Here to learn more about the EFT Tapping Solution summit.

EFT Tapping Summit 2020

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