Anik Singal The Circle of Profit

The Circle of Profit by Anik Singal

The Circle of Profit Summary and Review

Anik Singal is one of the most known self-made Entrepreneurs who struggled and went from bankruptcy with massive debt to creating one of the most successful companies filled with popular coaching programs and courses, called “Lurn”.

The Circle of Profits

Anik is also the author of couple of bestselling books such as The Circle of Profit and eScape, in which he talks little bit about his personal life journey full of successes and struggles, Wins and Loses, and how he still been able to embrace all his knowledge and power, along with the deep passion and willingness to help other people to transform their lives and achieving the wildest dreams.

As we kind of mentioned, Anik is not some business superman with magic superpowers, neither coming from the rich family to afford to do a whole lot of mistakes leaving everything to the goodwill of God.

But rather taking the massive action, do some mistakes, properly analyze and learn from them how to do things better and what to watch out for.

And this is the only way towards becoming a successful Entrepreneur, in the long run, not just luckily stumble upon the fortune that could be easily lost in the short period of time.

The Circle of Profit Book Summary

In the 2nd edition of his new book called The Circle of Profit, he will walk you through the extremely powerful techniques and methods of how to build momentum in business that lasts, and also how to scale it up, multiply profits, while building the strong relationships with other people.

In the book, The Circle of Profits Anik presents the undeniable power of email marketing and explains why the email is one of the most lucrative ways to build an online business and getting in close touch with the customers who will buy from you over and over again.

We could say that the book centers mainly around digital publishing, which can be done in many various media formats, techniques, and strategies. Mainly we talk about the publishing digitalized eBooks, guides, video courses and seminars, audiobooks and audio seminars and courses, special reports, etc. Basically, any kind and type of information that other people search for and you can publish and sell online.

While in the book Anik talks about 3 obvious critical steps that are the foundation of every successful online or offline business such as; 1. Find the Market – 2. Gather Valuable Info – 3. Monetize the Info, not many people know or understand how to properly implement those.

I need to emphasize that Anik’s business strategies are not any getting rich quick schemes or lucky shots that no longer work. He uses all time up-to-date marketing strategies that are proven to work for many years to come, but some hard work on your behalf is required. How much of work entirely depends on the level of skill you’ve got and which areas need to be improved.

Going through own weaknesses is an absolute must in this case because the comfort zone that you are at is probably what holds you back from having a profitable and successful online business.

Many people roll their eyes and add into the skeptic agenda when hearing about the Entrepreneurship and starting the online business.

“Those successful entrepreneurs must have lied their way up to the success ripping people off along the whole entire way!”

But as we said, that’s just the negative and skeptic way to look at the reality.

Thanks to the many hundreds and thousands of people that are achieving success in online entrepreneurship every year, we NO LONGER Need to be a skeptic and negative about starting an online business subject.

It’s more about how we can do the same by contributing to society by providing our knowledge and expertize to make somebody’s life a little bit easier and happier.

Order the book, The Circle of Profit today while it’s still FREE, just cover the shipping and handling costs, and read about Anik Singal’s amazing journey as well as success and journey of other ordinary people looking for the change in their lives once for all!

Anik Singal The Circle of Profit

Anik Singal also created many great online training programs and courses that are also available for anyone to enroll in.

Some of the most popular Anik Singal’s online courses are:

Instant Impact
Inbox Blueprint
Lurn Insider
Lurn Copywriting Academy

Also, read our review of another Anik’s book called eScape – The 4 Stages of Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur (FREE book limited offer!)

eScape - 4 stages of becoming a successful entrepreneur Free book offer


(Disclaimer: As partners of Anik Singal and Lurn we may get compensated if someone buys some of the Lurn training programs through our website. Thanks for your acknowledgment and wish you happy Lurning 😉

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