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One-Second Math by Don Sevcik Review

One-Second Math book from Don Sevcik is the guide and his personal story how a corporate programmer started own business and created the ultimate math teaching program for children of all age called His genius concepts in math and automation covered … Continue reading

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The Best Product Launch Training Open Cart on November 14-18th 2016

Around this time every year, Jeff Walker opens the registrations for his most successful business training course called Product Launch Formula. Those who enroll in his class by the end of 2016, will begin the new year 2017 with a fresh … Continue reading

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Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar Review October 2016

I attended the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar on October 21st – 23rd, 2016 and it’s been absolutely brilliant. Like many people I was coming to the seminar a little bit skeptic, like asking myself “Don’t you have some better things … Continue reading

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The Intelligent Investor Book Review – #1 Recommendation by Warren Buffet

Single Greatest Bestseller about Investing of All Time The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is according to one of the richest man on the planet Warren Buffet, the best and most important book that he’d ever recommend to read. It … Continue reading

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Quantum Healing – Deepak Chopra Books

Interview with Tony Robbins and Dr. Deepak Chopra  Deepak Chopra is best known for his alternative approach to health medicine, believing that we as humans have the strong ability to heal ourselves through reprogramming the internal belief system which everyone … Continue reading

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