become rich by helping people

4 Most Popular Business and Personal Development Courses

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Make Money Help People Series

Is It Possible to Make Money by Helping People?

Make Money Help People series consists of Harv Eker’s 4 most popular and successful online courses on how to develop an entrepreneur’s mindset and how to build a successful business in 3 years or less.

If some of you don’t know who T Harv Eker is, he’s the one who built the first chain of fitness retail stores and since then he created multiple income streams and multi-million dollar Businesses. He is also an author of a couple of books such as all-time NY Times bestseller Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

But of course, before all of his successes, it was totally different. He struggled for many years until he learned the important principles and fundamentals of becoming wealthy and rich, as well as enjoy the life, happiness, and personal freedom.

The self-made successful people excel with habits and skills that the vast majority of the people on the planet lack, and therefore they are not successful and wealthy.

Becoming rich by helping people is actually not that hard as most would think. It’s the lack of imagination, action, and skills that prevent people from achieving their goals.

The Make Money Help People series is designed to show and teach you the ways of becoming a successful entrepreneur in less than 3 years. The first half of the course is about personal development, on how to find and access your inner power to become fully confident, influential, and persuasive.

You’ll also learn how to get rich by doing what you love, and that it’s more possible than anyone ever told you simply because they were missing the important ingredients.

The second half of MMHP is all about business strategies and marketing tactics of Harv Eker himself, but also many other rich and successful people.

Here is What You Will Get:

1. Secrets of Inner Power Course

“Learn how to master your mind, develop character, and live from your full potential.”

  1. True Self vs. False Self

  2. The Power Of Unconditional Action

  3. How To Detect & Eliminate Your “Mindfrick

  4. 16 Ways To Access Your Power

  5. How Accountability Shapes Your Reality

  6. Integrity Is Your Most Important Value

  7. Develop Self-Approval For Happiness & Success

2. Get Rich Doing What You Love

“Learn how to find your own life porpose, live your passion, and create wealth.”

  1.  Clearing Your Blocks And Self-Forgiveness

  2. Discovering Your Mission & Your “Self”

  3. Creating Your Own Vision

  4. How To Package Your Vision & Your Story Into A Vehicle Of Wealth

3. Million Dollar Business Secrets

“Find out and learn how to create  wealth in any business in 3 years or less.”

  1. Guerrilla Wealth Tactics — How The World’s Elite Entrepreneurs Do Business

  2. The Secret Of Effective Money-Making Negotiations In The Real World

  3. Ultimate Marketing Strategies For Your Business

  4. How To Generate Million-Dollar Ideas Every 60 Seconds

4. The Wealthy Marketer

“Learn how to increase your marketing profits by 10X and become a marketing master.”

  1. The Wealthy Marketing Mind

  2. Marketing Strategy & Target Market

  3. The Message

  4. The Medium
  5. Maximizing Marketing
  6. Million Dollar Copyright Secrets

Note, this is just a quick overview of the content of the MMHP course series, in fact you are getting much more.

This special exclusive offer of 4 courses for the price of just one is not going to stay forever, and Harv may decide to take it down anytime in the near future. So if there is something that you wish to change then do it now and get 4 in 1 Make Money Help People series today!


become rich by helping people

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