how to be happy with yourself and who you are around people

How to Be Happy with Yourself and Be Who You Are Around People

Let’s have a look at how to be happy by being who you are and exercise 3 Important Rules of Happy Life.

how to be yourself and who you are around people


Rule #1

Be the Best Version of Yourself

How to be the best version of yourself

It’s not easy to define this.

There comes several different opinions and objections when the talk comes down to “How to Be Happy with Yourself and Around Other People”.

But during the study of my own life and the people around me, why they do what they do in different kinds of situations etc., from what I can see there is one thing that we all have in common, the one thing that makes everyone happy and/or feeling good about themselves…

 It’s to always thrive for Being the Best Version Yourself!

Be aware and present in the moment and feeling like there is nothing more you need in this moment of time.


There are also other things that vast majority of people on this planet have in common which is “Seeking Approval from Others.”

But it’s not really helpful characteristic since it always looks like there is no confidence in that person constantly seeking an approval from other people no matter what he or she does.


Rule #2

Be Aware and Open-Minded

How to be more open-minded

Being open-minded is absolutely necessary in order to understand the world how it really is, and other people how they truly are without any Judgement.

I strongly believe that “trying to be the best version of yourself and exercising the open-mindedness are the two most important things in order to grow healthy, spiritually and physically.”

Once you combine and exercise these two things simultaneously and synchronically together, everything else will come naturally, such as confidence, good health, happiness…

Being openminded does not mean to say Yes to everything and everyone, but rather to take in the other possibilities and observe the situation from different angles and points of view.


Rule #3

Be Patient, Be Persistent, and Never Give Up


And now we are closing with the 3rd most important rule to be truly happy in life, and it’s “Never Giving Up!”

Sometimes it’s going to hurt and sometimes it can be very risky or even look like a complete total failure in that moment. But let me tell you that nothing is the total failure until you give up. You can call it a temporary defeat but the failure because you learn what went wrong prepare better for the next time.

Never give up and stop trying is one of the strongest characteristics of a successful self-made entrepreneur and businessman.

It’s very hard to do, but with the constant exercise it gets easier and stops being that big of a deal. It gives you an extra edge in allowing you to deal with and confront any situation in life that comes along.


Beyond the Religion

This is the whole secret recipe for how to be who you are, how to be happy with yourself and how to be yourself around other people.

There is No magic and nobody have any privileges or unfair advantage from others. This has nothing to do with how much money and wealth someone has or has not.

If you can truly be who you are and thrive for being a better you every day from the bottom of your heart, everything else that you thrive for will sooner or later come into your life.

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how to be happy in life



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