how to build local SEO business fast in 2019

How to Build Local SEM/SEO Marketing Business in 2019

how to build local SEO business fast in 2019

I am not going to lie to anyone, neither should you lie to yourself. SEO is a pretty hard game to be in, especially when we talk about affiliate marketing. But there is one still very open market for SEO experts and agencies to leverage, and it’s Local Business market.

You see, there are plenty of traditional local businesses that do not do any search engine marketing at all. In fact, it’s only about 30 – 40% of local businesses that do have some kind of online marketing campaign in place to grow their business.

This brings up the question, “What about the other 60% of local businesses that don’t do any online marketing? Well, they probably have some good reason for that, which they must overcome.

And I am not saying that every SEO marketer or agency do and deliver what they promise to every business owner, and that’s the problem. Big agencies spend most of their resources and efforts to attract the client but a little effort to deliver results.

When doing SEO for your own business (DIY SEO), you learn to get results but you also learn that sometimes you just don’t!

And that’s the important learning curve.

Constantly figuring out what doesn’t work.

SEO is not like a manual to fix and install your wardrobe from Ikea. Almighty Google doesn’t go around and handing everyone the key to their smartest algorithms, and even if they did, It’s much more complicated.

In the online world, there doesn’t exist any secret and easy strategy to make a lot of money forever. But if you are willing to commit and spend some time to learn how SEO works while building a business, then just go ahead, and see what Aidan and Steve, who have got over 10 years experience in online marketing and have built many online businesses themselves have to to say.

Parallel Profits Online Training Course

How to build your local SEO business Live Webinar


Now, there are basically 2 types of local business clients and those are:

  • Low Ticket
  • High Ticket

What this means is that some clients will pay you much more money to do SEO for them, like lawyers for example, while others will pay much less or nothing at all, like some small grocery shop or a builder.

How much the client pays comes down to what their customer lifetime value, which in case of lawyers it’s very high. But with higher pay, there comes higher competition.

So it’s much harder to rank lawyer’s websites in search engines than it is for a window cleaner, mostly in big cities. In smaller areas, the competition is still very low.

So it makes rather sense to go after the higher ticket clients, but here comes a problem again.

You NEED to MAKE SURE that you deliver upon your promise, which requires the right knowledge of what and how to do SEO right and effectively.

The right knowledge only comes with the skill, trying to figure things out by failing and learning what does and doesn’t work.

Or by getting a GOOD TEACHER and strategy.

Like this, you can skip months or even years (in my case) of struggle and frustrations (but also small successes), and on the higher level almost automatically. Do and implement what you learn, build and grow business, and then learn what doesn’t work – Reverse learning.

I am not saying that one way is better than the other, but with the right mentor and strategy, you get where you want to be much faster and with less pain.

The choice is Yours 🙂

All the Best to Your Success in 2019 and Let This Year to Be the Most Successful Year Ever!


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