how to make goals 2018 new years resolutions

How to Make Goals – 2018 New Year’s Resolutions

How to Make Daily Affirmations for Success in Life, Build Successful Business and Meaningful Relationships

How to make 2018 Resolution: We all live this life just once, so we should all make sure that it’s successfully fulfilled in all areas of being such as personal life, business and career, and most importantly the relationships. Despite the fact that we are all different and that each person has own preferences in prioritizing which one of these 3 is more important, we all operate within all those 3 areas of life whether we like it or not.

I decided to write this article to be it as a little help for new year’s resolutions that millions of people made to have successful 2018 year, and all following years after. So again, when we talk about the achieving success, we talk about achieving small and big goals that together create the big success or the other way around.

There are these 3 main areas that we all know no matter where we are coming from:

  1. Business and Career
  2. Personal Life
  3. Relationships

All three make together the happy and fulfilled life and they have got to be balanced, which is where most of the people do the first mistake. The problem is that they focus on and give everything to become successful in the just one of them and ignore the personal growth in the last 2.

Just think about it.

  • A lot of money without good relationships will soon not be so important and will fall apart.
  • A good relationship without having money and struggling will also sooner or later break.
  • And having a lot of money and good relationships without feeling personally fulfilled (personal growth) also doesn’t mean happiness.

It HAS TO BE ALL 3 to become unconditionally happy!

The great example to give is the Business Career world and the entire emotional meaning behind that. The conviction that in order to become the successful businessman and have a great career, one has to be a bad person. And unfortunately, it’s in many cases being true because of an internal belief that it’s the only or easiest way how to become successful in business.

What one believes becomes the own reality. If the people were convinced that the only way to become a great businessman is to be a good person along the way, then it’s exactly how it would be.

The best way to never fall from the path is to step by step grow all 3 areas of life, and anytime some problem is encountered in one of them, reflect back on it and go through the cause to embrace it. I can’t express enough how important this simple but not easy life strategy is.

Hiding from the problem will not bring the success to anyone, there is hard work required with many uncomfortable situations.

It’s just a fact that most of the self-made successful Entrepreneurs are brilliant in solving the problems and never hide from them.

Remember this saying that helped me tremendously every time I was facing some problem or obstacle.

“Don’t Wish It Was Easier…Wish You Were Better!”

Because every time we set ourselves on the mission to achieve a goal, we have to be ready and prepared to get out there and fight, like an athlete going after the gold medal.

The hardest part of any big mission is to learn how to struggle well. With bigger success and more audacious goals, come also the bigger problem and issues that need to be taken full account for and sorted responsibly and ethically.

Being a Good and Generous Businessman is hard but the final overall reward is so much bigger. Don’t listen to those who still say that the success can be achieved only over the corpses and bad practices, IT’S NOT TRUE.

I hope that this article has helped in creating the new year’s resolutions and learning how to make and achieve goals in business and life the right way. Get into the routine of positive daily affirmations to create own principles of success and high-performance habits that will help to achieve success in 2018 and beyond.

how to make goals 2018 new years resolutions

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