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After reading the first time Ray Dalio’s freshly published book Principles Life and Work, which hit the shelves of the New York Times bestseller, as well as top-selling books on Amazon, I cannot wait for the second book that Ray Dalio is intensively working on, called Principles: Economic and Investment.

So I decided to read his first book again to find what I’ve missed while waiting for Principles 2.

The book is so eye-opening and refreshing, as well as simple and informative. It definitely holds at least a thousand times its value.

Principles Economic and Investment Ray Dalio

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Economic and Investing Principles

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And that being the number one reason why the second book based on economic and investment principles has to be equally good or even better.

The reason why I wrote this post is to remind the readers how insightful and helpful Ray Dalio’s books are.

Whether you are experiencing just a little struggle in understanding the world of business and life, how we are making our decisions every day, hour, and minute of our lives, and how it determines how we live and who we are right now, the book Principles Life and Work is the best book that anyone could read at this moment of time.

It describes how to create success in your life by achieving your goals in business, career, life, or relationship, through implementing into your life those principles that assure the achievement of those goals.

It’s the simplified psychology and set of principles that are easy to understand without the degree of psychology or business school.

Successful Investment Principles and Economy Explained in 1 Book

Economic and Investment Principles

Essentially, both books of Principles contain the exact same information on how to protect yourself from the market crash downs, economic downfalls, recessions and depressions that will always occur through time.

Until recently this kind of information has been available only to a few lucky and extremely rich investors that became clients of Bridgewater Associates, the most successful hedge fund on the planet. Anyone would need hundreds of millions in order to get under the wing of Bridgewater.

In the last few words, it’s the global world market explained all throughout and in, how the economy and investing in stocks, bonds, and commodities work, will be deeper explained in the Principles Economic and Investment book that hopefully will be released very soon, perhaps the beginning of the next year.

Once the book’s out in stock, we will be ones of the first reviewing it.

Both books Principles available in two formats, written and audiobook.

This is a quick and brilliant guide to understand how the economy works in order to understand the investment principles.

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