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The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek

flower of sunlightNEW! Flower of Sunlight by Drunvalo Melchizedek

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2017 Update – The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volume 3 will be released late in 2017. Check out The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volume 3 review

Activating the Illuminated Heart and Merkaba


flower of lifeAbout the ancient secret of the flower of life book.

Well, really don’t know where to start, so hopefully we will get to the right point and explanation of what the flower of life and Merkaba is and what the spiritual scientist, Drunvalo Melchizedek discovered because of his unconditional love of the nature and all life around and through the deep meditations and years of daily learning and practicing. In the book The Ancient Secret of Flower of Life, Drunvalo perfectly undisclosed and explained the secret geometry and what does it mean for us all as human beings, and what does it mean for our planet and the entire universe. He was studying the secret geometry for over 14 years before he got the whole picture together and presenting it to us along with the Merkaba meditation, which I will explain a little bit more later.

There are basically two books, about 500 pages each (depends on the size and edition), and It’s basically one true story broken into two books.

I highly recommend getting them both. If you are thinking to buy the books, it’s about $15 – $20 per each, and it’s pretty much worth it for the exchange of so deep and life opening information, different levels of being and existence. Fixing all your issues and problems within yourself, because they are created and coming within you. This world is not much about the harmony, but about the balance. Drunvalo Melchizedek talks about the magnetic lines and field within our bodies that can be activated by practicing the Merkaba meditation and being able to access and open your own heart. They have specifically designed 5 days workshops for that, and it’s the life changing experience that is absolutely priceless. But back to the books.

The Incredible Life of Drunvalo

It’s so amazing to see someone taking the full control of the life and demonstrate loving, caring and knowledgeable human being as we all should be.

In the first book, he starts to talk about what really started accelerating everything and completely changing his life around. The dream of his was to live out of civilization in the piece with nature, so he started living the old forgotten house in the middle of forestry in Canada, to prove the peaceful balanced living, growing the own food and be absolutely independent of outer society. And as he said, it was the time when he started enjoying every second of his life, growing vegetables, playing instruments, meditating, yoga, walks etc. And it was the time when two angels came to him to guide his next steps.

Merkaba Meditation

In the second book, he talks about the Merkaba and activation of the magnetic field around your body. Merkaba is the kind of meditation that requires the practice and focus, the long breaths and rhythmic breathing along with many more steps and thing to get exactly right. It’s very nice feeling to activate own Merkaba and to really open your eyes and mind towards the infinite light and love.

Drunvalo wrote the second book about the year 2000, and in that time in order to activate and keep the Merkaba, everyone had to activate it by using those exact steps, and repeating it at least every 48 hours for the length of two years to keep it permanently active, but now it’s already different. The global Christ consciousness network around the earth has been completed, and now every single human being is globally, subconsciously connected together. The Merkaba once it’s activated, it’s active! Lucky You, you save yourself two years 😀

The meditations have very strong positive effects on human mind and body, balance everything and bring joy and happiness. It’s been proven all around the world in every single country and culture. So why not to start today!

Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is everything that creates the universe around us, and more. Even the spiritual world is dependable and closely bonded with the Sacred Geometry, as it’s explained in a book how to activate Mer-ka-ba, the energy light field around you. The Sacred Geometry even explains how and shows how we, the world, and the entire universe exists.

Watch the video below which perfectly explains the whole subject of sacred geometry and Mek-Ka-Ba and Universe.

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    I had a truly awful experience with him. I called him out on the unethical way his school was being run, and he misled me into signing a contract that he then used as leverage to sue me. Here is part of the conversation I had with him:


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