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Why Is Meditation Important and Good for You

Why is meditation good for you and important

In this short article and video presentation below we’ve explained why is meditation good for you, the importance of meditation in life and why everybody should find and personalize some sort of meditation or ritual every day.

Do you feel most of the time frustrated, stressed, sad, or angry that nothing is coming your way and everything and everybody’s against you?

I felt like this is a very important topic since our website is about personal development and self-improvement, and how to create happy successful life.

All that you are about to read and hear is coming from own life experience and kind of an obsession to find out and learn more since all of this always resonated with me.

In life, we all have the ups and downs, and it could be in relationships, career, business, work, family, self-worthiness, whatever. The person who is 100% happy all the time is either a good liar or not out of this planet. The Key is in dealing with downs well and always rather look for ups.

Since we don’t know everything, even though we sometimes like to think that, the reality is that 99% of the time we are not sure or don’t know what we are doing in life, and still we pass by, and some even become successful and happy. The life’s like magic in a sort of way.

What Happens When You Meditate

This is quite an interesting question because there is a simple answer and there is a complex answer, and also there is a personalized answer that each person will answer themselves. Everyone will get similar but different outcomes from meditations, some people will be able to enter the meditation easily right away, while the others might struggle and it becomes for them much harder.

But from my experience when you train and exercise meditation daily with a strong intent but without any expectations, sooner or later everybody is able to meditate and see the difference in their lives which sometimes is hard to explain.

When we enter the meditation state, it’s like taking a shower but spiritual shower when you clean all the negativity and low-frequency energies in the form of thoughts and emotions out from your head, rebalancing your physical and spiritual bodies and recharging you with the high frequency which is the natural state of us, human beings.

Imagine it like cleaning the overloaded RAM memory on your computer, when it’s full the computer runs slow and when you give it a clean up it starts to run fast and smooth again.

Obviously, there are many types of meditations and we are not going to go into them right now, it’s better to start with some easy and simple ones that take about 20 minutes of each day. You don’t go to drive a big bus or truck before learning to drive a small car first.

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