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ClickBank University & ClickBank Builder Review

What is ClickBank?


In order to answer this question, we first have to learn what is ClickBank. So, ClickBank has been around since 1998, and it’s probably the biggest marketplace for selling online courses, e-books, software, or any other info-products delivered in digital format. 21 years is a long time to be in business and the company growth just proves that there is more demand for online courses/eLearning than ever before and grows every year. It’s a good time to jump on and go with the wave instead of swimming against the current.

ClickBank is free to join and it was the first marketplace where I made my first money online selling low-ticket digital courses as an affiliate back in 2012. I still remember the feeling of getting that first small paycheck of few hundred dollars to my mailbox because in that day they weren’t accepting other accounts than the US. In those days I was at the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and to see that small bright light at the end of the tunnel is an unforgettable moment.

So, my experience with ClickBank is only positive and can tell that they do genuine and legitimate business, and it’s friendly to both, Vendors and Affiliates. As an affiliate, you can earn anywhere from 40% all the way up to 90% of commission per sale, which is anywhere else absolutely unheard of. The prices of products vary anywhere from $7 all the way to $2000, where the high ticket ones are rare and many times you would need a special invite to be accepted to promote $500, $1000, or even $2000 products.

That’s the reason why most of the people are selling low-ticket $47 and many of them struggling to make some significant enough income due to much higher competition and low price. Meaning that making ten $47 sales with 50% commission isn’t really worth mentioning, but when you have ten $2000 sales, and you get 50%…you see where I am getting at?

Now, if you want to learn everything from A to Z how to do this and automate the entire process and get VIP access to be able to promote these high ticket products, ClickBank University is the Place to go.

ClickBank University

ClickBank University

ClickBank University is the ultimate online training course with cutting-edge tools and software to build a successful online business by either becoming affiliate and sell other people’s products, or as a Vendor creating and selling own courses, e-books, and other digitally delivered products.

Two main guys who run ClickBank University are Justin Atlan and Adam Horwitz, both known online entrepreneurs who appeared in many magazine interviews as the young successful online entrepreneurs of the year. Justin talks a bit about his beginnings and how he was starting as an affiliate marketer on ClickBank and made it up to the Highest ClickBank Sellers Club with many others like Robbie Blanchard who also shares some golden nuggets inside the ClickBank University.

You can imagine CBU as the place where the most successful digital entrepreneurs hang out and share their best strategies on how they are able to make thousands of dollars per day on ClickBank.

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ClickBank Builder Software

clickbank builder software

On top of the hours of valuable training, you get access to the ultimate ClickBank Builder Software that automates most of the process saving about 95% of the time when building an online presence for a product like webinars, sales funnels, websites, autoresponder and email sequences, etc.

I must say that I’ve never been too big fun of automation software for online marketing, because majority of those were just badly coded software that may or may not worked, and if they did, the quality of work was so bad, which isn’t good especially with constant algorithm updates whether it’s Google, YouTube, or Facebook.

But ClickBank Builder is different.

I’ve been a little bit skeptic about the functionality and if it truly does what it says, but after giving it a full test and playing with it for a while, I am stunned. It not just automatically creates sales funnel pages with all the content and product in them by a few clicks of a mouse, but you can also create automated webinars promotion for those products too. You get tested and proven to work templates to maximize conversions and sales for each product.

Honestly, the guys have done a great job to systemize and simplify everything to gain maximum results out of all effort. Time is the most precious thing that we have, and they’re just 24 hours in a day so every time I can save a bit of time I go for it.

Special Exclusive Offer

Now, the truth is, that you cannot get ClickBank Builder anywhere else unless you bought in and got onto a special VIP group with access to the CBB software, other tools, and training, so anyone offering the ClickBank Builder must be in that group.

The exclusive offer that anyone can get now is to pay just once without monthly fees, where some most popular similar companies charge somewhere between $300 to $700 per month and with limited access to all resources.

With ClickBank Builder, you pay just once and use it FOREVER!

  • Unlimited Funnels
  • Unlimited Webinars
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Templates
  • and more…

I recommend to check It out Yourself!


ClickBank Builder Software

clickbank builder software

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