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Law of Success (Audio) by Napoleon Hill Think & Grow Rich Author

The Law of Success audiobook

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There are many profound concepts in achieving success, and one of the first pioneers Napoleon Hill who wrote the 20th World Bestseller, Think and Grow Rich. It could be sometimes very difficult to describe exactly what happened, the breakthrough of the particular person achieving success. I think the most of you reading this know and had that kind of breakthrough feeling when something went really well. The success is personal, something that is only yours because only you can feel that breakthrough. It’s the very beautiful feeling to know that something that was almost impossible to accomplish in the past is now real.

Napoleon Hill is considered the forefather of the modern personal development movement and his motivational classic, Think and Grow Rich―the twentieth bestselling book of all-time―has inspired millions with its words and thoughts on discovering success and abundance within oneself. But, Think and Grow Rich was but a condensation of his true masterwork, The Law of Success.

Twenty years of research and writing after his first interview with Andrew Carnegie. Twenty years spent interviewing the most famous and successful men of his time, studying their habits, analyzing their methods and unlocking their secrets to success. First published in 1928 as an eight-book series, The Law of Success represents Hill’s complete philosophy of success and mind-power method―the original master key to personal achievement.

In this Law of Success audiobook you will hear Hill’s complete explanation of his method, his philosophy, and his science of personal achievement―unabridged and unadorned with modern updates. Learn:

The Principles of Self-Mastery―the mastermind, definite aim, self-confidence, and the habit of saving
The Principles of Personal Power―initiative & leadership, imagination, enthusiasm, and self-control
The Principles of Self-Creation―doing more than expected, a pleasing personality, accurate thinking, and concentration
The Principles of Integrity―cooperation, profiting by failure, tolerance, the golden rule, and universal law.

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    This book is a work of spiritual enrichment and not just material, everyone should read

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