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Wayne Dyer Books on Meditation and How to Manifest a Great Life


This is the review about Dr Wayne Dyer books, guided meditations, and profound quotes and life, bringing the light of love into our lives once again. It’s been almost a year since one of the greatest inspirational thinkers, best-selling meditation books author and spiritual scientist’s death, Dr Wayne Dyer. It’s great how our lives can really make the Shift, and start living that dream life that we always wanted and desired. Wayne was so incredible man who decided not to waste any more of his life by going always the wrong direction. Dyer’s philosophy (same like many others such as Louise Hay), is based on living the life the way we really want, that there are ways to manifest own life and future just like we picture.

The Law of Attraction and Manifestation


No one else but you is responsible for your own life and beliefs, and until you realize and start living your own life by those terms, you will always struggle. Because if you really believe that something else is shaping your life and destiny, it’s always going to be like that, it’s the law of attraction which as we know works 100% in the entire universe. So it must be true, so if your wishes are to be successful in life, it has to happen.

But Wayne Dyer pointed out one very important thing why this affirmation and manifestation doesn’t work for the most of the people. What the majority of people are doing wrong is that they more focus deliberately on the fact that they are poor, they are ill, that the are the victims of life, that they can’t be wealthy because of this and that, some of them even believe that the sorrow and struggle is the inevitable part of NORMAL people’s lives. What a bunch of BS I say! And it doesn’t do any good to your life and current situation. Those beliefs will manifest and become a part of your life. So IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO CHOOSE which life you want to live, the struggle, sorrow, and poverty OR the one by your terms and rules full or exploration and happiness.

Dr Wayne Dyer

I guess that 99% of you would choose the happy life, so why is it for people so hard to overcome this? It’s the things that they been taught for whole life, and now they have to change it, and it requires very strong commitment and awareness to succeed in this. Imagine, it’s like when in your 40 years of age someone will come and tell you to change your mother’s language accent. It’s certainly not going to happen overnight. It will take time and patience and everyday awareness and practice to do that. So you will be always aware of your accent and watch yourself to not speak the same again. It’s a strong very day commitment, but eventually, it becomes a habit and you will speak different accent.

It’s the exactly same with everyone’s life. Change your thoughts, change your habits, change your life!

Wayne Dyer Meditation

Meditations are important for us to calm down and relax because it’s the only way how to actually stop listening to ego all the time, and to start listening the higher inner voice, the higher self. Higher self could be also seen as the divine power, the pure source or the God. It’s all the same thing and we all have it inside of each other. The meditations by Wayne Dyer are very simple but powerful ways to connect with the higher self.

Wayne Dyer Meditation

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