Don't Believe a Thought You Think

Don’t Believe a Thought You Think


Attend this FREE online webinar with Harv Eker and Learn why sometimes you shouldn’t believe a thought you think!

don't believe a thought you think

Human brains and psychology are very complex and wired in the way that most of the people won’t understand, but what we can understand is the behavior of each individual in the particular situation.

For example most of the people, I would say about 99% will react very defensively when approached with an idea of starting own business because it’s totally unknown territory for them, which is considered by the brain as potential danger and risk, giving us a signal to back off to the safety.

Some people are more comfortable with this ambiguity, while others can’t stand it at all, therefore they need to exercise it and train it in order to move¬†forward and progress, otherwise, they will be encountering the same obstacle/problem over and over again.

This is the absolute example of self-sabotage when approaching the opportunity.

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secrets of inner power

This is a Free webinar class with Harv showing and teaching all the good stuff that is necessary for achieving big goals in life such as financial freedom, success in business, great health, relationships, and happiness.

After the webinar everyone will get the chance to get the new Secrets of Inner Power ultimate training course on how to claim or regain your own inner power.

With Your Personal Power, you can do and achieve anything that you put your mind to, without the fear of failure because you know that the failure is the only way to learn and get better and better, day by day.

You will not be looking for an approval from others or fear of the rejection, but rather telling yourself and others “Screw You, This is What Makes Sence for Me and I am Going to Do That!”

Generally, it’s going to be those people who haven’t achieved anything but think they know it all.

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